10 Reasons Why I Love Supermodels (part 2 of 2)

April 23, 2014 by Adam Dunlap

This is a continuation of the 10 Reason Why I Love Supermodels (part 1 of 2). Click here to read part 1.


#6. Supermodels have a genetic disposition to being in shape

Adding on to reason #5 (valuing their health and physique) is an added genetic benefit that makes supermodels extra awesome. It’s their genetic predisposition to being slender and keeping off weight.

Let’s face it, no one wants to marry a bombshell (man or woman) and then have him/her gain 100 pounds. A few pounds here or there? No biggie. But a health transformation gone off the deep end is a disservice to yourself and your partner, man or woman. But of course life is hard, you have kids, you get busy, you’re tried, hormones change, you age etc etc and then it happens. Understanding that life is unpredictable in this way I’ve decided that given the choice I prefer to have an added benefit of marrying a girl that at least has genes on her side. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Supermodels get a +1 from me. Asian girls get a +1, too.

#7. Supermodels are financially independent

I once had a boss at the golf club I worked at in high school. He used to be a limo driver in Vegas, and he had all sorts of crazy stories. He’d tell us them and he even gave us us advice about women from time to time. One day he sat us down and imparted words of wisdom which I will never forget. He said, “Boys, I’m going to give you some advice. Marry for money.”

As awesome as this advice was, I now have money so I no longer need to marry to get it. However, believe me, all things being equal, a woman that makes her own living is so much more attractive than one who doesn’t. Supermodels are well paid AND they know the value of their time. And that’s exactly why my soon-to-be supermodel babe will appreciate my time and money as well. It’s an ideal match.

Ne-Yo knew what he was talking about.

#8. Supermodels speak multiple languages

This isn’t true across the board but let’s just assume it is. Some of the best supermodels in the world are not from the US, but they now spend extensive amounts of time in the US. And you know what that means? They speak multiple languages.

I love women who can speak multiple languages. It shows sophistication and intelligence. Studies have also shown that people who speak multiple languages acquire information easier and have more open minds to the world. Regardless of the studies, I speak 3 languages myself and I’ve always wanted a girl with similar abilities. Now, for all the supermodels out there reading this, take note – it’s not a deal breaker if you only speak one language. And if you only speak Portuguese I won’t mind either. But I’m giving you some friendly advice: if you can whisper in my ear in a language other than English then it’s all over – you can pretty much have your way with me. Supermodels win again.


This is Adriana Lima – she’s a supermodel from Brazil and a VS angel since 2000. Physically she’s not my type – I’m a face guy and she just doesn’t attract me. No idea why. Buuuut I’m not so selfish. I know a lot of people like her, and she fit reason #8 so I thought I’d post her.

#9. Supermodels have style and fashion

You know when a woman says, “I can’t find anything to wear!” And you know when she says this just about every time you go out? If that happens then you can almost be assured that your girl has fashion block.

Fashion block is one of those subtle things that drives men ka-raaaazy (in a bad way), and I am no exception. Fortunately, supermodels don’t have this fashion block. And one of the reasons why is because they set the fashion trends in the first place. The result of wearing all that great clothing is the style rubs off and they have great fashion sense, too. That goes for both the clothing you can see and the clothing that goes under the clothing if you know what I mean :-)) Future VS angle gf, no doubt about it, we’re a match made in heaven.


Ah wait, never mind! This picture is on! I had to sort through like 200 photos to find a Lima shot I liked, but I finally found one. Now this is my type of girl :-)

Reason #10: Supermodels have nice boobs

I couldn’t think of a 10th reasons lol!! So I’m just going with it. Supermodels have nice boobs. And although the boobs/ass thing that drives 99.9999999% of guys crazy literally means virtually nothing to me, given the choice, who doesn’t want a nice pair of boobs to have and to hold til’ death do us part? You know what I mean, right? Since I have the choice I’m choosing it. A supermodels girlfriend it is.

So there you have it. Those are the 10 reasons why I love supermodels. I hope you learned something and are less judgmental towards the awesome magazines cover babes that add so much to our lives and culture. And if you’re a girl out there, take heart because whether you are supermodel or not, if you have even half of these qualities then you’re a top tier chick in my book :-)

If you feel I missed anything in my top ten list please leave a comment below. I’m sure there are many more reasons why supermodels are awesome, and I’m always open to learning more about them.


Recap: 10 Reasons Why I Love Supermodels

  1. Supermodels have confidence in a bikini
  2. Supermodels have poise and elegance
  3. Supermodels have culture and perspective
  4. Supermodels like the sun
  5. Supermodels value their health and physique
  6. Supermodels have a genetic disposition to being in shape
  7. Supermodels are financially independent
  8. Supermodels speak multiple languages
  9. Supermodels have style and fashion
  10. Supermodels have nice boobs

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