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September 23, 2015 by Adam Dunlap

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Hi, my name is Adam Dunlap. In April 2014, I started a website called SupermodelGirlfriend.com. I thought the site was really funny, but a lot of people didn’t like it.

I’m not really sure why people didn’t like my site. It had great pictures of really pretty supermodels, and I always wrote about how much they loved me and wanted to marry me. I mean, put yourself in my shoes – wouldn’t you like a website dedicated to that?

That last statement was a joke. The site was also a joke. That’s why I’m not sure why people didn’t like it. Maybe they didn’t understand it was a satire.

There is a girl named Nicole Arbour. She does satire, too, and she recently made a video for her YouTube channel called, “Dear Fat People.” A lot of people didn’t like that one either. I guess a lot of people don’t like satire.

In a follow up video, Nicole claimed that “People who don’t understand satire are slow.” I agree with her. However, I don’t think there is anything wrong with being slow. And I’d also add that I think many people don’t understand/like satire because it exposes them to their insecurities and that hurts them.

I think satire is a powerful form of communication, and even though some people don’t understand it and find it “offensive” I think that’s the reason satire must continue – to teach people to not be offended. I also think when done right it teaches us not to judge each other.

Be honest with me – did you judge me because of the satire on my SupermodelGirlfriend.com site? Did you? Maybe that’s a good lesson then.

My favorite quote of all time about offending people is from Eminem. He says, “You find me offensive. I find you offensive for finding me offensive.” Think about the implications of that.

Ok, you can stop thinking – I’ll just tell you. The implications to Eminem’s quote is to stop being offended. After all, you are offending people! See how that works? Yeah, it’s weird but true :\

Maybe we all have insecurities. Maybe we should all try to be more sensitive to each other.

Anyway, back to the supermodel site. I didn’t mind that people didn’t like my site. In fact, I actually liked that people didn’t like it. But what I did mind was that people who know me started to get the wrong impression of me. I really value what my inner circles think of me, so I didn’t like this.

The silver lining of people getting the wrong impression of me is it means I’m really good at what I call “life acting.” The short-term internet version of that is apparently called “trolling.” I don’t consider myself a troll, but based on what people have told me, I guess I could be really good at trolling, too.

After a lot of people in the Parkour world saw the site, thought it was real, and got mad at me, someone called me a genius troll and told me to teach him my trolling ways. True story. I told him I didn’t know what trolling was. Maybe that’s why people think I’m so good at it.

Do you know the secret to life acting and internet trolling? Be outrageous and keep a poker face. It’s actually really simple.

Anyway, I didn’t like that my friends and closer acquaintances got the wrong impression of me. I’m not arrogant, and I’m not obsessed with supermodels. I’m actually just a really nice guy, and I didn’t do 95% of what I said I did on the site.

The only thing I wrote about on SupermodelGirlfriend.com that I actually did was sit next to cute girls on planes. This literally happens to me almost every time I fly, and I’m not joking at all!!!! That 10 step guide is naturally how I book flight tickets so I figured that must be what creates the phenomenon so I published it.

Oh, I also proposed to Nina Agdal. That was a real proposal. If she says yes, I’ll actually marry her because that would be a crazy adventure!!! And I’m all about adventure. That’s why I’m here :-)

Oh, I also read a romance novel. It was meh.

The truth is I’m not a fan of supermodels at all. To me they are just people like anyone else. In fact, I probably like them even less than you do. That’s one of the inside jokes that I think makes the site so funny. I make myself sound obsessed with supermodels, but quite frankly you are probably more obsessed with them than me! Haha lol jokes on you : ))))

In spite of my joking, there are two supermodels that I’m authentically attracted to. They are Nina Agdal (duh) and Alessandra Ambrosio.

If there was a genie in a bottle, and someone found that bottle in the Sahara, and that person used one of their 3 wishes to wish that I was forced to choose between marrying Nina Agdal or Alessandra Ambrosio that would be a tough choice. But I’d probably go with Alessandra. She’s older and has two kids, but she’s classier.

Even though, given the choice, I’d choose Alessandra, I didn’t think I had any chance with her. That’s why I proposed to Nina.

Nina, if you are reading this, that does not make you option B. You are definitely option A! :-) I’m just saying you should probably hurry up and say yes to my proposal, because if Alessandra swoops in to seduce me then I’ll be like a deer in the headlights, and I’ll probably end up marrying her instead. So you better hurry!

Unless it’s Nina or Alessandra, I think I’d rather not marry a supermodel. If I had a genie I’d wish to marry a girl-next-door type of girl who understands me. Finding someone who understands you is one of the most important things.

One thing people don’t know about me is I’m really silly. If my genie scenario didn’t reveal that to you then go back and read it again. I mean, how silly does someone have to be to imagine someone finding a genie and using one of their precious 3 wishes to force me to make a choice between marrying Nina Agdal and Alessandra Ambrosio?! The answer to that question is: extremely silly.

The hashtag for my life should probably be #ImAGoofball

Anyway, back to my SupermodelGirlfriend.com site. I’m really sorry to anyone close to me that I hurt through that site or anyone I turned off or gave the wrong impression of me. The reason I started that site is because I like attention. I was also heartbroken, and that site is how I made fun of myself so I could learn to laugh again.

That’s all I have to say about that. Maybe you understand better now.



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