In Addition To Supermodels, I Am Now Willing To Date…

January 14, 2015 in Adam Dunlap, Alana Blanchard, Bree Kleintop, Erica Hosseini, Nina Agdal, Sally Fitzgibbons, Supermodels, Surfer Babes by Adam Dunlap

Usually when I write articles for I write about fun experiences like how many female flight attendants tried to sit on my lap the last time I flew first class across the Atlantic. Or I tell inspirational stories like that one time I refused to date that Playboy Playmate because her nipples weren’t quite perfect. But on this day of our time, January 14th, 2015, I’ve decided to keep things a lot calmer, and instead of writing about another one of my laborious tropical adventures in obliged response to a supermodel date request, I’ve decided to stay succinct in order to make a very important announcement. I am broadening my horizons. In addition to dating supermodels, I am now willing to date professional surfer babes.

Now a step back for those of you who are intrigued to find out how I arrived at this incredibly sudden and extremely newsworthy decision. If you didn’t know, I started my supermodel girlfriend quest 8 months ago with the publishing of my Supermodel Girlfriend Application and this subsequent website. The primary goal of this article and site was to find the perfect supermodel for me, make her the happiest woman on the planet, and live our lives together happily ever after.


Nina Agdal has yet to apply to be my supermodel girlfriend. I’m a bit disappointed about that, but as we all know, most girls need to get put through the ringer by jerk dudes before they realize that prince charming was right there all along. Clearly Nina is still in that ringer, so I’m OK giving her more time.

The application got a great response with countless gorgeous supermodels all vying to be my one and only. Unfortunately none of the supermodels quite panned out, and it started to become really frustrating. In fact, at one point I was so frustrated that I even bent my own rules and started giving the applicants multiple chances to pass the ADGF Striptease Challenge (just one of the multiple standard evaluation tests I put all potential girlfriends through). This test specifically seemed to be giving the girls real trouble, but I couldn’t just scrap it. It’s one of the core tests for goodness sakes! And I don’t let girls get past second base unless they score at least a 9.2 on it. I was stymied!

In any case, it wasn’t just the lack stripping ability that caused me to X these girls (with women it’s never just one thing. Am I right, guys?). Girl after girl after girl simply proved inadequate and unable both physically and intellectually to live up to the rigorous standards and logical expectations of a man as amazing as me. Add to that the one that got away, and for the first time ever I felt like I was literally failing at life! But in times like this, the age old adage kept coming to mind: the night is always darkest just before you get a blow job (Am I right, guys?). And metaphorically speaking that’s exactly what happened to me.

One evening after having just escorted another inadequate Playmate out the door of my penthouse suite, I had a dream that changed everything. It was one of those dreams that was more vivid than the 4K resolution on my 80 inch television. I was at a beach side theme park which I owned, and I was hosting a swimsuit photo contest where supermodel babes had to strike their best bikini poses while mid-free fall on the main roller coaster. We had the high speed cameras and everything, and of course I was the head judge so it was going really well and everyone was having a great time. And then it happened. Something caught my eye, and I turned and looked out over the ocean and saw her. Glistening on the water’s surface was a half-naked, half-mermaid, half-angel like creature glued to a surfboard and carving the ocean swells. I flew to her and landed on her board, and we surfed tandem until the sun went down. Then I woke up.

The dream felt like a sign from heaven, and when I opened my eyes, my previous despair and frustration were gone, and for the first time in about an hour I had real hope. The message was clear – I had to expand my dating net to include the hottest surfer babes on the planet. So that’s what I’ve done.

If you’re a surfer babe (and preferably on the WSL world tour), and you’ve been frustrated for the last 8 months that you weren’t qualified to be my girlfriend, well turn that frown upside down because now you are. Just click here to apply. For the record, I prefer if you are either in the top 10 in the world rankings or have been named at least once to Maxim’s Hot 100 List. Having an Aussie accent also wins big points with me, and I have a soft spot for babes sponsored by Roxy. However, regardless of your accolades or sponsors, I’m open to considering applications from all professional surfer girls (and even really, really serious “amateur” surfers if you haven’t made the tour yet). When you submit your application, don’t be nervous – just be you! And make sure in your photos that your boobs look as big as possible because those are the two things that really matter.

Also, if you’re not a hardcore surfer babe but you are good friends with a really cute one, then please share this article on her Facebook wall so she knows that she officially has a chance to be my girlfriend. We don’t want any lovely surf-angels missing their opportunity at life long happiness. Remember, ultimately this quest isn’t about me – it’s about making some gorgeous supermodel/surfer-angel the happiest woman on the planet. I’m selfless like that.

Below I’ve included some great photos of some stunning surfer babes that I’d definitely let try to pass my striptease challenge. Looking at them now, I really don’t know why I didn’t let these angelic beings into my potential girlfriend net before today. Oh well, that’s life sometimes. I hope you agree with me that my expansion is a wise choice.


Bree Kleintop. Surfer girls are clearly the bomb. Do I need more evidence? Nah, but I’ll give you more because I’m cool like that :-)


Bree again. Clearly my parents did me a disservice by allowing me to grow up playing basketball. They should have shipped my butt off to Cali, Hawaii, or Australia and forced me to take up surfing.


Alana Blanchard. Worth her wait in mangos.


Annnnd Alana doing her thing. It’s worth stating that any girl who can do this is already halfway to my heart. When it comes down to it, I’m really not that picky :-)


Erica Hosseini. There’s something about girls holding a surfboard and smiling. I don’t know what it is, but as of two days ago it gets me every time.


I’ve never understood why women who are comfortable walking around in a bikini, then get all embarrassed if you catch them only wearing their lingerie or a bra or something. It’s the same thing -_- Anyway, just like supermodels, apparently professional surfer babes sometimes take photos in lingerie. I should probably make that a requirement for my application. 5 stars for Erica Hosseini.


I’ve looked at a lot of pictures of surfer girls for the writing of this article, and I’m confident in saying that as of right now, Sally Fitzgibbons is my absolute favorite. She’s simply the best. If you can’t see, I’m not going to explain it.


Ms. Fitzgibbons with the board and a smile. If I didn’t have all my SMGF applications to sort through, this photo would be a life ruiner. Clearly being willing to date surfer babes was a good choice. Maybe supermodels aren’t so special after all.

Thank you so much for reading my article! And thank you for sharing it on Facebook and Twitter at least 100 times, and helping an amazing (albeit lonely) surfer babe find me – the man of her dreams. I’m sure she’ll thank you every day for the rest of her life once we tie the knot.