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Adam Dunlap’s Supermodel Girlfriend Application

If you’d like to apply to be my supermodel girlfriend please download the Word document or the PDF version of this application. The links are below. The application is also copied below for reference.



Adam Dunlap’s Supermodel Girlfriend Application

Included here is the official supermodel application to become my supermodel girlfriend, significant other, queen of my life, and all around luckiest woman on the planet. This application is designed to be short and succinct and only covers the most pressing and initially relevant questions. Further and more personal questions will be asked on potential/subsequent dates to Paris, Milan, and Vienna.

Please allow one full week after the submission of your application for me to review it. All information you supply in this application will be kept strictly confidential. All legitimate supermodels will be considered as will all normal models, fitness models, famous actresses, singers, athletes, performers, and celebrities. However, due to the high volume of applicants, I will only respond to women I am willing to fly to Paris for a first date. Seriously. And don’t be needy and write me again asking how long it will be until I respond. If you do that, I won’t care how awesome your boobs are, I will most definitely not write you back.

Please complete this application and email it to me at contact@supermodelgirlfriend. Please include as subject of your email “Supermodel Girlfriend Application.”

Basic Information

Full Name: _______________________________________

Place of Birth: _____________________________________

Ethnicity (please include a breakdown with percentages):  _______________________


Natural Hair Color: _________________________

Current Hair Color: _________________________

Boobs: Natural ______  Implants ______

Email: ____________________________________

Phone number: ______________________________

Website: ___________________________________

Head shot (please attach as a separate file)

Body Shot (please attach as a separate file)



All questions are open ended. Please feel free to include as much explanation as you feel is necessary.

Would popular culture consider you a supermodel? If so, please explain why. If you are just a normal model or a fitness model, do you ever expect to become a supermodel? Why or why not? Please include photos for reference as necessary. If you are a famous actress, singer, athlete, performer, or celebrity, please explain your current career and future aspirations.


What are you interested in more: a fun no-commitment summer fling or are you looking for the man of your dreams to settle down with? Please explain.


How many languages do you speak? Please list them and also explain how you learned them.


Do you want to have kids one day? If so how many bambinos do you imagine running around our mansion in Hollywood and our vacation homes in Bali and the south of France?


Do you believe in aliens? Why or why not?


Do you like to travel? Why or why not? Historically smaller planes have a higher percentage of crashes. With that explained for full disclosure, are you averse to flying in private jets?


Do you have banking connections or high ranking government ties? Do you feel your boobs helped you make those connections, or was it something else? Please explain.


What is your favorite junk food and why? Be careful with your answer. If you say nacho cheese I’ll probably propose in my email response to you.


How many magazine covers have you been on? Please list them and provide images. Which one are you the most proud of and why?


How many swimsuit calendars have you been in? What are some of the biggest challenges your boobs faced during these shoots, and how did you help them overcome those challenges?


What is your favorite color of lingerie to model and why? Have you ever modeled orange lingerie, and do you own any orange lingerie? I really like that color.


How long have you had a contract as a Victoria’s Secret Angel? Do you think they will give you a contract extension when the current contract ends? Why or why not?


Please list the net worth of your boobs in millions. Also, do you have an insurance policy covering your boobs?


Are there any nude pictures of you online? If so, please explain how they got there.


Is there anything else you’d like to say about yourself for consideration as my supermodel girlfriend?




If you’re a supermodel that made it this far and I made you smile, don’t fill out this application. That would just be silly, which is why I wrote it. Instead, just write me on Facebook and say hi :-)


Supermodel or not, if you have a horse face like Alessandra Ambrosio, you have a chance with me. Just throwing that out there.