Happy 1 Year Anniversary to SupermodelGirlfriend.com!

April 19, 2015 by Adam Dunlap

One year ago today I launched the website SupermodelGirlfriend.com. Birthed out of the groundbreaking and yet incredibly intuitive dating compatibility questionnaire titled Adam Dunlap’s Supermodel Girlfriend Application, the site was initially founded as a prominent personal quest but has grown to captivate and inspire readers around the globe.

The site has received international press from major news organizations, and it has even garnered critical acclaim from feminists groups who have collectively called it, “A literary masterpiece…,” and, “…inspiring to women everywhere who aspire to be the perfect girlfriends and bikini-sporting-lawn-mowing housewives.” Suffice it to say, I have been honored and humbled by the overwhelmingly positive feedback the site has received.

Unfortunately, the site has thus far failed in achieving its primary goal – finding me my long-term supermodel honey. But fear not for I am neither deterred nor disheartened. In spite of the setbacks, I am determined to press on in the name of love with an unwavering resolve to find the perfect supermodel for me. And believe you me, even if that means I have to date every supermodel on the planet in order to find her, then by golly I will! [insert ‘determined’ emoticon here]

Even though the SMGF site has gone 365 days without achieving its #1 goal, today is still a very exciting occasion. And in celebration of this momentous 1 year SMGF anniversary, I’ve decided to share my personal top-5 favorite SMGF articles of all time. Here they are for your reading pleasure and educational pick-me-up.

Article #5 – Adam Dunlap’s Supermodel Girlfriend Application

To kick of the top-5, I’m including the article that started it all – Adam Dunlap’s Supermodel Girlfriend Application. Since its original publishing in March 2014, this revolutionary compatibility questionnaire has been filled out by countless gorgeous babes, and it has gone on to set the international standard by which the dateability of all supermodels is now judged. eHarmony was so impressed by it that they have even licensed it, and they now include the entire application in their general compatibility questionnaires. Click the link below to read the application, and make sure to pass it on to any single supermodels you know.


Article #4 – A Break-up Letter From My Ex-Supermodel Girlfriend

The last year hasn’t been all VS fantasy bras and sunshine. For a considerable span, I was dating a supermodel who I thought was the one. I was even looking at rings. But then she did the unthinkable – she broke up with me. I can’t say I am yet fully healed from the breakup, and it still pains me to be reminded of the story. However, her breakup letter was so endearing and complimentary that I felt compelled to include it in my top 5. My hope is that in some way by posting this, the letter will reverberate through the universe and work its magic. After all, my supermodel ex does speak very highly of me in the letter. If a potential SMGF ever wanted a recommendation about me, this would be the one to read.


Article #3 – The Carla Osssa Beauty Test™

In my third favorite article of the year I unveiled my patent-pending Carla Ossa Beauty Test™. I designed this test for men to use as a tried-and-true objective method to analyze a female’s physical attractiveness. The test supersedes personal emotional biases, it provides consistent results, and it is impervious to the well documented beer-goggle side effect caused by the consumption of alcohol. Click to read about the test and learn how to implement it.


Article #2 – Supermodels with 7-11 Mustache Straw Mustaches

By the time I wrote my #2 favorite article in SMGF history, I had been inundated with so many supermodels vying for my attention that I was starting to lose touch with reality. It was so disorienting that in order to regain my focus I stepped away from the supermodel dating game in search of the spark I needed to get back on track. It didn’t take long, and what I uncovered in the process was as exciting as it was unexpected. Read to find out what it was and how I used it to take my supermodel-analyzing abilities to the next level.


Article #1 – My Marriage Proposal To Nina Agdal

In my favorite article of the year I wrote a completely originally and, dare I say, incredibly romantic marriage proposal to the world famous supermodel Nina Agdal. As of today, I regret to report that Nina has yet to accept my proposal, and we have yet to get married and start making babies. But I am not concerned. After all, she is only 23. And as we all know, most women at or under the age of 23 have to date around and waste a significant amount of time on emotionally abusive, dumb, socially awkward, and downright uninspiring boyfriends before they realize that prince charming was right there waiting all along. So I can’t fault Nina for doing the same thing – it’s just the way women are. In the meantime, whether you are a man or woman, I recommend clicking the link to read what a real marriage proposal is supposed to sound like.


I’ll end this post by saying thank you to everyone for supporting my site for the last 365 days! It has been a great year, a great journey, and (save for the SMGF breakup) I have enjoyed every minute of it. I have a strong feeling this is just the beginning of my supermodel adventures. I’m looking forward to all that’s in store, and I plan to continue bringing you great new articles filled with stories, inspiration, and photos.

Thank you for being a part of the journey, and cheers to the next 365 days of SupermodelGirlfriend.com!


Nina Agdal. Clearly she and I will be perfect together.

April 19, 2015 in Nina Agdal, Supermodels by Adam Dunlap