6 Reasons Why Supermodels Have The Best Boobs (part 1)

April 29, 2014 in Adam Dunlap, Natasha Barnard, Nina Agdal, Supermodels

When it comes to supermodels, there is no question about it – they have the best boobs. With this in mind, I thought I’d write an article explaining 6 reasons why supermodel boobs are the best. I’m hoping I don’t actually have to convince you of this, but if you really don’t agree with me then be forewarned, I’m pretty sure this article will change your boob perspective forever. Let’s jump right in.

#1. No Tan Lines

Search the internet for supermodel boobs and there is one thing you’ll almost never find: supermodel boobs with tan lines. I think this is awesome. Although I generally accept the idea that all women are beautiful, there’s something about perfectly tanned boobs that take a woman’s hotness to the stratosphere.

Now, for the sake of all women reading this who have a hard time keeping their boobs evenly colored, I’ll set your mind at ease by letting you know that boobs with tan lines are not a deal breaker for me, nor have I found them to be a deal breaker for most guys. But one thing is for sure – given the choice I appreciate an evenly colored complexion that covers the entire lady lump. Supermodels always have this, so their boobs get a vote from me.

Natasha Barnard

Ummmm nope. No tan lines here. Nice work, Natasha. Your boobs make me proud :-)

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