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Be Entered to Win $100,000 Just For Sharing This Site!

We all know that true love is priceless, and that’s exactly why I’m willing to pay a lot of money to find it. So to incentivize you to support me in my selfless pursuit of love, I am going to give one fan $100,000. All you have to do to do to enter and be eligible is like my Supermodel Girlfriend Facebook page (click here), and share it on Facebook or Twitter! That’s it, really!

Upon marrying my soon-to-be supermodel girlfriend I will then give a $100,000 “Finders Fee” to a random person for having helped me promote my site and quest. If someone provides a personal introduction between me and my supermodel girlfriend who then becomes my wife, I will give that person $50,000, and I’ll give one random sharer the other $50,000.

Some restrictions may apply, but trust me, I’m loaded and more than happy to pay someone $100,000 for helping me end the loneliness of the perfect supermodel for me.


I have no idea if Nina Agdal is single. I never look up the personal information of supermodels because that would be creeper. It’s way better to just ogle at them from a far, which is what they are paid to make you do anyway. In any case, an added benefit to not looking up personal details of supermodels is that doing so often leads to staunch disappointment when I find out they are dating guys not as cool as me…. which is pretty much always the case if they are dating anyone that isn’t me. Tsk, tsk, what a shame. When it comes down to it, this “dating a supermodel” thing is really quite a selfless pursuit.